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The Power of your Voice!


Every day we interact with a lot of people.

Our voice is the most important tool to express our dreams, our wishes, our goals, and our emotions.

Communication is key in every situation, we talk to people, we speak to our pets, we talk to ourselves to make our inner world understandable to others while creating a place to feel safe, secure and accepted.

There is power in the voice and it is the expression tool of our needs to communicate on all fronts.

We need to be heard. We all are naturally curious, we care for each other and we love to interact with life and with all living creatures.

Your voice shows your own unique personal note that hides the vibration you are mentally living in. The way you talk gives a hint how you subconsciously manage your thinking patterns. Your unique vibrational frequency is projecting onto the other world and this projection is the reason that someone near you would like to stay or would rather look for a more comfortable place.

A trained coach or musician can hear many layers in your voice like joy, happiness or fear. Also, the social conditions are detectable from a trained coach as well as diseases that can be easily spotted by listening very carefully.

What does it take to discover your own inner voices?                           Consciousness, passion, an open heart and the willingness to become still and listen to our own guiding system.

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