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The Vocal & Stage Academy was created to help you to enjoy your creativity in all aspects of life. The beautiful impact of music and the limitless ways of expressing ourselves while singing, dancing and acting are the keys to reach every goal that we have chosen for ourselves.

That`s why I am here. I want to support you and give you a guiding line which will help you to become more creative, joyful and passionate. I want to show you the influences of the various programmings that we have to succumb throughout many lifetimes and how easy it is to come back to your own guiding system and to listen to the voice of your own heart.

Why choose me as a trainer?

Well, my musical influence started way before becoming a professional singer and musician. I was born into an artist family and I grew up surrounded by famous musicians and artists. When five years old I started singing and studied classical piano and with age nine I started playing jazz piano. My first appearance on stage was with my mom at age seven and then it became clear to me that I would go into the entertainment business one day. I finished school, studied at university and besides studying I was already performing every evening on stage and was working as Vocal & Stage Coach after university. I studied the performing arts (dance, act, sing) and am working throughout my entire life with many international stars and artists from all over the world.

I have a degree in singing, coaching, neuro-linguistic programming, and various diplomas in holistic fields.

What does it cost to attend the Vocal & Stage Academy?

There are given many offers that fit every pocket with several packages that you can purchase. You find single lessons, a 5-week Vocal & Stage Package,  various tutorials as well as freebies and you can choose what you like to experience.


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